01. Introduction

Kairos AR

We are ‘Kairos AR’ who brings you A Value focusing on service and humanity. We, ‘Kairos AR’ seek to be the one contributing to expand boundary of human experience by transcending limitation of time-space.

02. Service

Service of Kairos AR

Visual Guide 서비스

“Visual Guide” Service

To deliver technical and cultural contents to customer efficiently utilizing visualization using Augmented Reality technology.

VR/AR 관련 개발 업무

VR/AR development

To Develop VR/AR-related contents(applications)

03. Portfolio

Portfolio of Kairos AR

Seodaemun Prison

Visual Guide in Seodaemun Prison


YiSunSin Historic Site Virtual Experience with Souvenir

Korean Traditonal Miniature

Korean Traditonal Miniature AR Guide

Our Contacts

(06242) 501, 5F, 342, Gangnam-daero
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Phone: +82 1668-1025
Email: kairos@kairosar.com